Christopher Breault is a New England based musician. A multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter who's been playing live for over 30 years, Chris has performed for thousands of music lovers up and down the east coast. He's been producing and recording his own music, and that of other artists, for almost as long as he's been playing.

Starting with the drums at 10 years old and then teaching himself guitar, piano and harmonica, Chris has pursued music for most of his life performing his first "paying" gig at age 17. He started to write songs not long after he picked up his first instrument. His roots-based musical upbringing is worn proudly on his sleeve. Shades of his many musical heros including Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, the Stones, the Band, Wilco, Ryan Adams and Tom Waits guide his songwriting while asserting his individual voice.

His latest effort is the five-song EP Gone Too Long which was recorded entirely by himself playing all the instruments. Other self-produced efforts as well as collaborations with various other musicians exhibit a wide range of influences from folk, blues, jazz and rock.

Chris lives in Paxton, MA with his wife and two children. His home studio is equipped with his trusty Gibson J-45, 65' Gibson ES-125, Fender Telecaster squire, Fender P-Bass, '67 Ludwig drums, Yamaha P-60 piano and Lee Oskar harmonicas.